You Can Turn Your Dreams into a Reality


One of the hottest topics at the moment is the idea of being able to work from anywhere. Many people see this as just quite simply, a fantasy, and something that they could never actually achieve. This is in fact, incorrect. Nowadays, there are lots of career choices that no longer require a physical office, just merely a laptop and an Internet connection. This shift in working conditions can mainly be attributed to the change from employees to freelancers. Therefore, individuals are taking charge of who they want to work for and how they manage their work.

An example of this type of lifestyle is our team here at Pamtree, recently Pamtree has been on tour to Singapore, Bali and Bulgaria! Now as you’re probably thinking there are a lot of different jobs that allow you to work from your laptop, so that’s nothing too special, which we would agree with to a certain extent. However, Pamtree takes this one step further as you can generally complete all your necessary tasks from your mobile. This makes the working while travelling lifestyle even easier. No longer do you need to carry your heavy laptop around to enable yourself to work effectively; being cloud-based also means your business is backed up so really can work from anywhere, on any device.

The thing that really excites me about the Pamtree app is that you can work offline, and once you get Internet connection it updates automatically. This saves you from creating countless notes on your phone and then having to enter them manually once you regain Internet connection. Quite simply, it gave a new meaning to the term “Flexible working”.

You may now be asking, is this actually a reality? The answer is yes, Network marketing is a business model that offers incredible flexibility. Partner that with Pamtree and that’s a match made in heaven, you could spend your days travelling Asia, checking in on your business from a beach in Thailand. Not your thing? You could check some messages and orders from the top of a mountain in New Zealand (given you have Wifi or 4G!).

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