The Mobile App Every Network Marketer Should be Using


What is a “CRM system”? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In short, a CRM system is a software accessed via a website or app that allows you to store all the information you have about clients and prospects in one place. This includes things such as contact Information; pipeline information; sales forecasts; tracking; and messaging history, to list just a few.

Why were CRM’s invented? Surely people get on fine using notebooks and paper for storing all this information? This may be true, but a CRM’s main purpose is to increase efficiency putting all the information you need in one place, directly in front of you. It makes it work quicker, easier and simpler.

Amongst the many reasons network marketing professionals are now adopting CRM’s, a few are so obvious it makes you wonder why more network marketers don’t use such systems! For one, you don’t need to remember anything anymore. Learn something new about one of your prospects? Simply add it to their profile. Have a new training resource you want to share with your team? Upload it and send them instant access, without the need for them to save it or store it anywhere themselves.

What a CRM does is minimise human error and increase clarity. You can see exactly what tasks need to be done, by when, for who, and even set reminders and recurring tasks so that you never miss a thing and ensure your business is always growing. It really is the future of working. Why do 4 hours of admin a day, checking multiple devices, notepads, etc, when you can have it all in one place and work your business on the move?

Still on the rocks as to whether CRM’s are worth using for network marketing pros? A study by Innoppl Technologies found that 65% of people using CRM’s achieved their sales target. If you have ever worked in sales you’ll know that’s an impressive number. Compare that with the group who didn’t use CRM’s and the number fell to 22%. Only 22% of the sales force were meeting their sales targets when not using CRM’s: introducing a CRM increased results by nearly 300%!

So, after all this, you’re probably wondering why our CRM is different. Well, don’t worry! We’re about to tell you.

Pamtree was designed and created by network marketers, for network marketers. It, therefore, provides all the features that you need to grow your business but without the need for an IT degree to be able to use it. If Facebook did CRMs, they would create Pamtree. This is what separates us from other CRMs that are generically aimed at multiple industries, most often as enterprise solutions. Yes, they are still good, but they’re designed for traditional business models, whereas Pamtree is designed specifically for network marketing professionals.

Pamtree is a cloud-based server CRM, which means you can access it via wi-fi from anywhere in the world. You can even access the app and update it when you don’t have wi-fi and the updates will sync once you regain an internet connection.

Our app includes multiple functions, tailored specifically to network marketing, such as contacts, trackable messages, to-do Lists, activity trackers, customer trackers and a shareable resources library! Want to find out how Pamtree can help your business? Leave us a message below or request a demo!


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