How Social Media that transform your Multi-level marketing business


I imagine most of you have a social media account or have at least heard of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Well, there’s a reason they caught on like wildfire; anyone can post their thoughts for the whole world to see, and it didn’t take long for businesses to captivate on this.

This is where Network Marketing comes into it, you can directly contact your audience or reach them via a post. It allows you to build a loyal audience, develop a brand and easily gets testimonials for your business.

First of all, you should know, you have two different target groups; those who know of you/your industry & those who don’t. This means your content will be covering the whole spectrum and your chances of engagement will increase drastically. To do this, you should create content that meets the needs of both those groups. However, you should concentrate most of your social media efforts on the group that knows of you or your industry. Focusing your social activity in this area will earn you higher engagement rates as they have more interest in your posts as they want to understand your business.

Secondly, you should develop a social media strategy so your content can be consistent. Perhaps on Mondays, you post about motivation, on Wednesday you post advice and on Fridays you post facts. The key to social media is to stay consistent. It takes time to build a following and even longer for that following to start engaging. And don’t forget to look out for trends on social media, like ‘Motivational Mondays’ or ‘Throwback Thursdays’. Piggybacking on popular trends can really help you grow your followings.

Thirdly, you should start a blog. Starting a blog is an excellent way to fast track your online presence because you can direct your social media followers to your blog/website. It also means that you own this traffic and are in full control of the content displayed. It also allows you to add data capture elements; perhaps capture a prospect’s email and contact number so you can follow up with them?

So once you’ve built your following and have visitors to your blog/website, this is where you can start engaging with them on a one-to-one basis, offering them help/advice on your products or services, or you can even begin prospecting with anyone who seems keen.

You must take full advantage of the visitors you receive because they are sharing expressed interest. Something you could do is film a short introduction video of yourself explaining what it is you do. Show them how you can help them and what they could gain from joining your Network marketing business, you could even ask your team to film short testimonial videos and put those in for added validity. The whole idea of using social media for businesses is to build an audience and then get that audience to a place online where you can control what happens, and not face any social media companies rules/algorithm changes.

Hopefully, these tips have helped. If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section. Also, please feel free to share any ideas for future blogs, as we love to hear your feedback.


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