How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business for the Long Term

The Advertising Model MLM Business Owners Are Using To Succeed!


For many entrepreneurs and leading MLM business owners, advertising is a massive part of their day-to-day activities. The forward-thinking network marketers have to check on their current ad’s to make sure the performance is what it should be; they make alternations to keywords and audiences that aren’t performing as expected. It’s very time consuming, however, when you’ve finally tested every segment of your ad (e.g. title, copy, image etc…) and found the perfect recipe, boom! You’ve got digital gold dust! The spend on that ad can be increased and you can sit back and watch it smash your objectives. What a great feeling, months of trial-and-error have now got you to the point of near perfection.

So you’re probably wondering, how can I achieve this? Well, that’s what we’re about to tell you.


Finding the right platform is absolutely key to running a successful ad. There’s no point advertising in a gardening magazine if you’re selling protein powder. Just like there’s no point using high-cost methods such as TV for a product/brand with no loyal audience or high profit margins. You have to choose your platforms wisely. If you’re a business-to-business product or service, try LinkedIn or Google Ads. If you’re business to consumer, try Facebook or Instagram; maybe even Google Ad’s. If you’re selling t-shirts with French bulldogs on, Instagram would be the place for you. If you’re trying to get prospects for your MLM, Google Ads might be the best solution as it will target multiple different websites.


You won’t create the perfect ad on your first attempt. It takes time and hours and hours of testing and analysis data to see what performs best, which keywords are most efficient, what title is the most catching, which image draws attention, what copy sells on an emotional level, which call-to-action springs people into the ‘buy now’ gear. We recommend using a budget of around £5 per day whilst you’re testing different segments of your ad’s. This way you’ll get accurate results without using up all your budget. Remember, once you find the perfect ad, you’ll want all the budget you can use! To help find what’s performing best, we recommend split-testing, otherwise known as A/B testing. Split-testing where you create the same ad, but the only difference is the part you’re testing (e.g. if you’re trying to find out which title grabs peoples attention, you’d have two different titles on the A & B ad’s, but everything else would be identical). This way you can really see what’s more effective. For MLM ad’s, the text and description are equally as important as the image, as you’re not selling a product, but a job to a prospect.


Once you find the perfect ad, after multiple trial and error periods, scale it up! Get all your ad budget behind it and ride it until the wave dies out, then rinse and repeat (repeat the trial and error period again). For MLM, we’d recommend setting up different ad’s for the different departments of your business; to prospect, try LinkedIn and Google Ads. Trying to sell your products? Instagram & Facebook might be a better fit. If you’re looking to run paid ads, it might be worth seeking the help of a specialist Facebook Ads agency, as they’ll know how to take your business to the next level!

The key message to this blog is that you MUST find the right platform for your business objective. MLM can be extremely competitive, give yourself the edge by selecting the right tools to leverage your time and efforts. You could also run ad’s to promote your social media content. This will grow your business & personal brand, and will ultimately lead to a growth in your following. This will allow more people to see your content and eventually people will start reaching out to you.

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