How to master productivity whilst working from home

If you’re not doing this, your MLM business will fail!


If you’re in multi-level marketing (MLM), you probably know the name Eric Worre. Eric is ‘the motivational MLM coach’ and is frequently sharing stages with some of the world’s most famous and successful celebrities. Well, in one of his videos, he brings up the quote that “It doesn’t matter what works, it only matters what duplicates”. Eric then goes on to explain that you may be the world’s most skilled networker, being able to network with the president, high-level celebrities etc… however, this is completely irrelevant if your MLM team can’t duplicate these results.

Eric then proceeds to say that a large group of individuals doing something simple is greater than one individual doing something sophisticated. It’s like this, one secret services solider may be more well rounded and well trained than the average military member. If there was a one on one altercation you’d probably pick the secret services individual to win. However, if you added one, two, three more normal soldiers, the odds would quickly turn in favour of the military rather than the special services. This shows the combined efforts of a team rather than the above average efforts of an individual. If you’re a great networker but your ability is down to your natural personality and traits you were born with, its probably best to create an educational programme that can consistently create more good networkers, even if they’re not up to your level. It’s best to have your team take your training and have 80% of your ability. Because a team of 10 people having 80% of a top networker’s ability is worth incredible value.

So, how can you achieve these results that can be duplicated?


Creating content that allows each member of your team to learn the skills and develop their knowledge in the areas they need to. Educational content also allows you to scale up quickly, and scaling up requires minimal time/effort.


Invest in a good system for managing elements, or all, of your MLM business. A good MLM app will mean you have everything you need in one place, from wherever you are. Even better, get your team to use the same app and your business will multiple. This will allow your team to see exactly what you do and duplicate it themselves, resulting in higher efficiency, faster scaling & more results.

Eric talks about some of the things that MLM business owner’s want, including Freedom & Sustainability. By using the Pamtree MLM App, your team’s activity is all in one place, meaning you can visibly see what’s happening and stay on top of things, identifying and drop in activity that may impact your business in the long-term. This helps to ensure that your MLM business is as sustainable as possible. By teaching your team what you know, you’re ensuring freedom, as they can go and reach new prospects, growing your team and allowing you to focus on your business.

In short, if your team can’t duplicate what you are doing every day, your MLM business isn’t going to work long-term. Make your processes repeatable & ensure your team have the right training and technology to get the results you want.

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