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I can’t build rapport with Prospects!


If you’re an MLM business owner then recruiting is going to be a pretty major part of your job. However, many people struggle to ever build up the rapport with their prospects that they really need. This can be down to many different variables; people being more awkward, different personality types, different hobbies etc. But there are tips on how to help the rapport building when prospecting.

Tip number one; open questions. Have you ever have a conversation with someone and they’ve just given you one-word answers? Think back to it now, did the questions you were asking only require a yes or no? Most likely! Too many people keep conversations shorter and rapport on hold by asking simple yes or no questions. To build up better report, reword your questions so the individual can actually put some personality into the answer. It also requires them to elaborate, and that gets the conversation going! This is also brilliant advice for any sales calls!

Tip number two; listen & care! So many times people are having conversations just to get a specific piece of information, they don’t listen to the other topic of discussion, and they certainly don’t care! This comes across as plain rude! If you’re speaking to a prospect and they’re telling you about their current working situation or any other piece of personal information, listen to them carefully and care about what they’re saying! This will help massively with rapport building, as many times, people just want someone to vent to.

Tip number three; elaborate. This follows on from the two previous tips. If you’re listening and actually caring about what the individual is saying, follow up one of their one-liners with an open question. For example, if someone is saying how much they hated their last job, don’t just say most people do, follow it up with something like “what was it in particular that you didn’t enjoy?” This will make them feel like you’re listening to them and show them that you care.

Tip number four; find common ground. Try and find something you both have in common, ideally before you first make contact, but if not, the sooner, the better. This is a brilliant way to get the conversation going in your favour. An example of this is calling one of your prospects who you can see from Facebook loves mountain biking, you may not, but you could have a quick Google search and find one topic to talk about for a few minutes relating to that. This will be worth its weight in rapport.

Hopefully, you have learnt some helpful rapport building tips and strategies! Please leave any comments/feedback in the comments sections below.


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