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How to get more leads, for FREE


MLM businesses are businesses where you need leads; it’s quite simple. However, the tricky part is finding them. This blog will take you through a few little hacks on how to find new leads, all for free!


Add more valuable content to and in your blog. If you’re selling healthcare products, talk about the benefits to the target audience and make suggestions on how to use them in your blogs. Make the blog about something they’ll actually want to read, that way they’ll come back to your site to see if there’s any new content they’ll want to read.


Build email lists. This is where many businesses, not just in MLM, have started to slack. Building an email list is the most difficult part, once you’ve got one you should work equally as hard to maintain and build on it. It’s one of the most efficient ways to send a direct message to an individual’s private email who’s previously expressed interest! It’s marketing 101 to keep them sweet, send them reminders about new blogs, product offerings etc. But make sure that you’re adding value, don’t just send them sales updates every day and push prospecting down their throat.


Start posting your blogs and articles on different websites, not just your own. This won’t just open your content up to a new audience, but it’ll also help boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) due to link building. Some websites to post on for extended reach would be all social media sites as well as Reddit, Quora & other websites that share content.


Join as many social media networks as possible! You should be joining every MLM group possible. This way you’re engaging immediately with people already in the business, then start posting your content there. Once you join these networks, post, like, share, comment and message. Make your presence known!


This one may be slightly more touch and go. But ask those around you for referrals, see if they know anyone who might be interested. We say this is more touch and go because most people don’t like friends or family talking to them about work, especially not trying to sell them a new job! So make sure that you already have a comfortable relationship with the person and make it seem like a conversation, not a pitch! Ask them questions first to find out why the business opportunity might suit them – i.e. if they mention in conversation that they could do with some extra cash, or perhaps they’d say they’re unhappy in their current job.

Thank you for reading our blog. Hopefully, you enjoyed it! Please leave a comment down below and let us know what you’d like to read next!


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