Growth hacking: our top tips for massive expansion!


When it comes to Network Marketing, many factors can influence you and your team’s success. From our experience in the industry, these top tips will help take your MLM business to the next level! Grab your notepad and pen and take note!

First, once you or your team members get a new recruit, put them through training straight away. Try and keep your training the same for everyone, as this will show what elements work and what’s missing or needs to be improved. By training a new recruit straight away, they’ll have a better understanding of the industry and how to approach it, plus it will require commitment on their part so that hours of your valuable assistance are not misdirected.

Next, once you’ve put them through training, you must teach them how to teach! This is really important. In fact, it’s the key to building a successful network marketing business! If you don’t do this, you’ll have your teams’ new recruits asking you questions 24/7, which is very time-consuming and will hold you back when you’re trying to expand. Teach new recruits how to teach their team members after they complete their training and this will save you countless hours and really help your business expand!

With your team members equipped to be trainers, next get yourself into the position where your whole business can function without you. I know, big shock! This means you must give as much autonomy to all your team leaders and team members as possible. Maybe put in place a hierarchical structure so that everyone can see who to go to with their questions, depending on importance. This is a huge growth hacking secret, allowing you to concentrate on growing the business and expanding, rather than handling low-level queries that won’t bring in new business.

Finally, and being blunt, give your valuable time only to those team members who actually follow through on their ideas, not to individuals who have a new idea every day but never make it happen. You could prepare a few scripts for new recruits to try out so that you can then help the team members who actually come back to you with results, or at least those who can demonstrate they’ve tried. Even if the results are negative it shows that they’re motivated and you can always simply change the script and alter the approach slightly to give it a better chance of working. You must let new recruits know that it’s about trial and error: if something’s not working try changing it slightly. Still not working? Then contact someone with experience who handles these types of queries (referring back to the hierarchical ladder).

Try out these tips with your team and let us know how they work out! Also, please comment below on anything you think we’ve left out!


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