Closing Made Simple


A lot of effort goes into prospecting, so it’s vital that your efforts pay off and you get the best results. So you’ve introduced yourself, shared your story and presented the business opportunity, but then what? You’ve followed the “proven process” to a tee, but your prospect is still not sure whether it’s the right opportunity for them. What do you next? 

One approach is to dig a little deeper to find out what’s holding them back and understand what will influence their decision. You can do this simply by asking open questions such as “what was the best bit”, “what appealed to you the most” or “out of everything you’ve seen, what did you like the most”, then follow up with “why?”. The answers to these questions will steer the conversation towards a positive response and you will find out what appeals to them the most so you can focus on that. Another good question to help you understand your prospects’ thoughts (so you can create your closing strategy), and one recommended by Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre,  is the question “On a scale of 1 to 10, what did you think?”. This gives you a good insight into where your prospect is in their head and whether they’re dangling over the edge about to sign up or whether they need more questions answered to help them understand whether it’s for them. Once you know where their thoughts are, you can ask what they’d need to see to get it closer to a 10. Hopefully, it’s something you’re able to help with and they will get all the information they need to make their decision.

As you probably know, a couple of the biggest drivers for starting a business in the network marketing industry are money and time, so finding out how much they would like to earn and how much time they have available are only going to help you close. Remember to do this by asking questions and listening to what they say. Don’t focus on what they could earn or how much time you believe they would need to commit to their business. Understand their expectations and help them with a plan to achieve those. Make sure you’re realistic in the expectation you set – if they’re hoping for unrealistic results, be honest with them. There is no point them registering their business then giving up after a couple of months as they didn’t earn what they were promised. We all know it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to make it work, so get that across. Then you won’t waste your own precious time working with people who can’t devote the time and effort required to be successful. 

The most successful network marketers close because they listen to their prospects and put a plan in place for them to help them achieve their goals, be it £500 a month or £10,000 a month. Each prospect has their own ambitions and dreams so make sure you’re not trying to sell your own dream to someone who’s looking to fulfil a different one.

Ask questions and listen, then respond with a realistic plan that helps your prospect achieve their goals and you will find that you will close a much higher proportion of prospects. 

Let us know how you get on. If you have any other tips for closing that have worked for you, please share these below!


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