Are you a Mumtrepreneur in the making?


So, what exactly is a Mumtrepreneur? A Mumtrepreneur is a mum who sets up and runs her own business while caring for her children. So basically, a Mumtrepreneur is a modern day hero, combining two of the most challenging jobs into one, and becoming a certified winner.

So what businesses do most Mumtrepreneurs tend to set up? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, a lot of Mumtrepreneurs do tend to go into Network Marketing. This is because of the freedom and flexibility that it gives you as a business model. Some other businesses that are very popular are creating a blog, creating a personal brand & starting a freelance business for the industry that they worked in before giving birth.

So you may be thinking, okay, this all sounds great, but how can I actually get started and build my own business when my time is so limited.? Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you might imagine. First of all, you need to select the business model that you’d like to work with. Let’s use Network marketing as an example. Once you’ve registered your business alongside your chosen multi-level marketing (MLM) company, you can download the Pamtree app, and then you have all the resources/tools that you need to grow your business, right at your fingertips 24hrs a day!

Once you’ve got the Pamtree app, you can start managing all your products to sell, contacts to prospect and tasks to complete, in all from one simple app, which can be accessed on your computer, tablet or phone. As your MLM business grows, you’ll start to develop a team, which means a proportion of your time will now be spent supporting them, but do not fear, Pamtree is here! Pamtree also allows you to manage your team members and your resources, so training your team just got super simple! When you’re creating training and support contact for your team, we personally recommend creating video tutorials as they’re generally more engaging and will get your team more engaged.

What you need to do once everything’s set up is start marketing your new business. Start by speaking with everyone you know, either on the phone or by messaging them. Pamtree’s app has unique link tracking built right in so you can send messages to all your prospects and get notified when they engage with your messages so you can follow-up with them individually, saving hours on pointless follow-ups. Many different online articles recommend putting ads into business magazines. However, this could be expensive so you could try running ads on various social media platforms, as they’ll also reach a higher number of prospects. But be careful when you start paying for advertising and ensure you have received the appropriate training first or you could waste a lot of money. Make sure that you set up your own website and have the ads link back to it, from there you should capture the prospects’ details and schedule a call to discuss the business opportunity with them.

After all, this is done you should be well and truly on your way to becoming a full-time Mumtrepreneur! But remember, your network marketing business should be focusing on product/service sales as well as recruitment, some business owners get too sucked into the recruitment and start to neglect the sales aspect! Find the perfect balance and your Network Marketing business will start thriving in no time.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope you enjoyed it! Please leave any feedback/new blog ideas in the comment section down below.


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