3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Network Marketing Business


Social media has been around for many years now, becoming an essential channel for many businesses, including lots of successful network marketing teams.

Getting social media working for you correctly can see significant growth in your business. However, if you get it wrong, this powerful tool could lose you not only business but also friendships, as misuse of social media can be spammy and annoying. To avoid the pitfalls, check out these ‘3 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Network Marketing Business’…


You can now easily use social media to reach people all across the globe from the comfort of your own home, so stop thinking small! Gone are the days of network marketing professionals having to travel to each location in order to build local teams – not that travelling the world is a bad thing, but it costs time and money. Establishing contact online first can really help make your time and money work the hardest.

There are a variety of different ways you can extend your reach globally on social media, from connecting with old friends or colleagues who have since moved abroad, to using hashtags to expand the reach of your posts and hit worldwide audiences.


In business, perception has always been a key to success and in network marketing that’s no different. With the power of social media, we now have more control over people’s perceptions of us than ever before, so take control of your online brand and own how you and your business are perceived. Think strategically about what you are posting and what that says about you or your business.

Take your followers on your journey as you grow your business to show them what is possible with a network marketing business and you’ll soon find them reaching out to you. However, remember to keep it real. No business is built without hard work, so don’t be afraid to show the effort you’re putting into building your successful business. After all, you don’t want people joining your team if they’re not willing to put the work in, otherwise, they’ll just waste your time and energy.

There are many benefits to network marketing businesses that may appeal to your social media followers, including:

  • travelling whilst working
  • spending more time with the family as you work from home
  • self-development
  • building new friendships with other business owners
  • financial success.


With us all living extremely busy lives, it can be hard to maintain existing relationships, let alone build and develop new ones. Social media can help overcome these challenges. The valuable tool allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family as well as build and nurture new relationships, whether that’s with new prospects or team members – and you can do this with people all over the world!

Prospecting has always been about building a relationship first and finding out what it is about your business that could help a person. Social media makes this easier, but don’t forget that is the key focus: build a relationship, get to know someone and understand how you can help them, before you begin to offer them anything. Too many people make the mistake of being too direct, too quickly, as they feel confident hiding behind their computer screens. However, this will make you appear spammy and will annoy and put off your prospects. Stick to what has always worked in network marketing and that is building relationships. Then the sale will come.

As a final point, remember social media is a powerful tool that provides many ways to help grow your business. However, it just supports your existing processes – so don’t forget the basics. By using social media correctly, you will build a bigger, stronger and even more successful network marketing business.


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