3 Top Tips for Creating Duplication in your Network Marketing Business


Every network marketing professional understands that success in the industry lies in the power of duplication. After all, it’s duplication that enables you to build a large business that doesn’t then need you to do all the work yourself.

Here are our top tips for establishing duplication in your network marketing business:


If you’re looking to train down duplicatable processes, you must be sure to follow them yourself. Your team will be looking at you for inspiration – if you’re sponsoring new team members and retailing lots of products, they’ll want to know how; they’ll want to learn from you and follow what you do. Keep the processes simple but effective, then show your team how to follow these, using presentations, videos and templates as train aids.


Setting up your team members effectively will help them hit the ground running and get their desired results faster whilst improving your retention rates. This is also vital if you want to establish duplicatable processes throughout your business. Spend time with your new team members to ensure they understand and implement the duplicatable processes from the off, then work closely with them to achieve their first successes, whether that’s sponsoring their first team member or selling their first product. Show them how it’s done and how they can teach others to do it, and help them use the tools available to do so.


Tapping into the power of technology, you can not only save yourself time but you can put in place controls to ensure your team is creating duplication as it should be.

Take our platform, Pamtree, as an example. Pamtree allows network marketers like yourself to use one system to manage your contacts, tasks, activities, team messages and notes in one place, using a single platform that works on a website as well as mobile apps for both iPhone and Android phones – and best of all, it’s free, so cost will not be a barrier to ensure all of your team are using the same system, making it a truly duplicatable platform.

If all your team members are using a single system then processes can be duplicated and every one of your team members will benefit from having their contact list, prospecting sheets, notes and task lists with them, on the go, allowing them to work their businesses easily in the small pockets of time throughout their day.

Follow these 3 Top Tips and you’ll soon see a big difference in your business. If you have any other tips for successful duplication, we’d love to hear them. Please feel free to share them below.


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