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Take your business to the next level, wherever you are, with Pamtree. It's designed to help you earn more, build your team easily, and give you more free time.

  • Earn More, Stress Less: Our smart tools show you where you can make more money, without the guesswork.
  • Build a Strong Team, Fast: Get your team going with easy-to-follow guides and tips, so everyone can start off on the right foot.
  • Save Time for What Matters: Let the app handle the routine stuff like reminders and follow-ups, so you can focus on talking to people and growing your business.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

MLM Contact Management

Contacts: Know Your People Better

Instead of just a list of names, Pamtree helps you understand where each person stands in your business. See who's tried your samples, who's buying regularly, and who might need a little nudge - all in one place.

MLM Task Management

Tasks: Your To-Do List, Upgraded

Forget about scribbling tasks on paper that you might lose. With Pamtree, your to-do list is always with you on your phone. Organize your tasks by importance and easily keep track of what's done and what's next.

MLM CRM & Product Management

Products: Your Portable Product Guide

Imagine having all your product details right in your pocket. With Pamtree, you can! Update product info and sort through your inventory easily, so you always recommend the perfect product for your customer's needs.

MLM Notes

Notes: Keep Everything Organized

Jot down important details and attach them to your contacts. With Pamtree, you'll never forget a conversation or lose track of important information. It's like having a personal assistant that keeps everything neatly sorted for you.

Sales & Marketing System

Prospecting for Network Marketers

Prospect Messaging: Easy and Effective Communication

Talking to people is a big part of what you do, but it shouldn't eat up your whole day. Pamtree lets you set up message templates for quick, responses that increase conversions - removing the guesswork! And get notified when someone clicks your links, making it easier for you to know when to reach out next.

Email Marketing System

Email Marketing: Stay Connected with Ease

You can link Pamtree to MailChimp, making it simple to send out emails for updates, event invites, or product news. Keep in touch with your customers without the hassle of switching between apps.

Resource Managment for MLM Businesses

Resource Management: All Your Materials in One Spot

Keep all your training videos, marketing materials, and presentations together. Use tags to find what you need quickly or share resources with your team. Everyone stays up-to-date, making your team more effective.

Sales & Marketing System

Sales Funnels: Attract and Track with Ease

Create your own landing pages for your marketing efforts (or customize one of our preset templates). When people fill out forms, their contact info goes straight into your Pamtree account. Plus, you can track Facebook and Google Ads so you can see how they are doing and understand what's working.

Team Management

Team Sharing MLM

Team Sharing: Make Teamwork Simple

Invite your team to Pamtree and share everything you need for success - message templates, product info, training materials, and more. It's a one-stop-shop that helps everyone in your business, especially new team members, get on the same page quickly.

Team Incentives System MLM

Team Incentives: Reward the Go-Getters

Set up team challenges and keep track of everyone's progress right in Pamtree. It's an easy way to cheer on your team and boost sales at the same time.

MLM Team Training

Team Training: Learn Together, Win Together

Training your team is a breeze with Pamtree. Use templates and shared resources to make learning easy. Team members can even let you see their activities, so you can offer specific advice and help them improve.

MLM Team Analytics

Team Analytics: Know How Everyone's Doing

See how your team is performing with easy-to-understand stats. Track new contacts, completed tasks, and messages sent. It's like a fitness tracker, but for your business.


Built for MLM teams from 1 person to 100,000's.

Contact Management System

Manage Contacts: Keep Tabs on Your Network

With Pamtree, you'll always know who's interested, who's buying, and who might need a little more attention. It's like having a personal organizer that makes sure you never miss a chance to connect or make a sale.

Track Prospects

Track Messages: Stay on Top of Conversations

No more worrying about saying the right thing. Pamtree can store ready-to-use message templates and keep track of all your sent messages. You'll even get a nudge when someone clicks a link you sent, making it easier to know when to follow up - the days of hassling your friends with badly timed follow-ups are gone!

Task Management

Manage Tasks: Your Digital Checklist

Forget about losing your to-do liss. With Pamtree, your tasks are always at your fingertips. Mark off completed tasks and focus on what's important, all from your phone.

Sales Funnels for Network Marketers

Generate Leads: Find New Customers Easily

Create your own web pages to attract new customers. When they fill out a form, their info goes right into your Pamtree account. You can even take payments for product sales through your pages! Plus, you can see how well your online ads are doing, so you know what's working.

Customer Tracker for Network Marketers

Track Customers: Know Your Buyers

See who's buying what and when. Pamtree helps you spot trends and take quick action to keep sales going strong.

Resource Management for Network Marketers

Manage Resources: All Your Tools in One Place

Find all your training videos, marketing materials, and more in one spot. Tag them for quick searching and make sure your team always has the latest info.

Product Catalogue Management

Manage Products: Your Product Info, Sorted

Get all the product details you need, right when you need them. With Pamtree, you can sort through your products quickly and always have the latest info to share.

Team Management for Network Marketers

Manage Team: Lead Your Team to Success

Share everything your team needs to succeed. Track their progress and cheer them on, all from one place. Plus, they can show you what they're working on, so you can offer tips and advice.

Notes Management

Save Notes: Keep Your Thoughts Organized

No more lost notes or forgotten ideas. Attach your notes to contacts in Pamtree and find them whenever you need them.

MLM Team Performance Management

Track Performance: See How You're Doing

Get a clear picture of how your team is doing. From new contacts to completed tasks, Pamtree's easy-to-read stats help you and your team aim higher.

MLM Quote

Plans available for all price-points




No Credit Card Details Required

  • Organize Your Contacts: Easily add, tag and sort your contacts.
  • Make a To-Do List: Set up a list of tasks and reminders for important things you need to do.
  • Keep Track of What's Done: See which tasks and activities you've completed.
  • Take Notes: Jot down important details and thoughts.
  • Add Team Members: Invite people to join your team on Pamtree.



7 Day Free Trial

  • Includes everything in the Standard Plan, plus:
  • Track Prospect Messages: Send messages to potential customers and know when they click your links.
  • Send Bulk Emails: Use MailChimp to send out marketing emails easily to your whole list.
  • Watch Customer Orders: Keep an eye on what your customers are buying and monitor the frequency.
  • Store Your Training Materials: Keep all your training and marketing stuff in one place.
  • Digital Product Brochure: Manage all your product details online, in one central place.
  • Share with Your Team: Make templates, resources, and product info available to your team.



Most Popular

  • Includes everything in the Business Plan, plus:
  • Create Sales Funnels: Make custom landing pages for your marketing.
  • Track Ads and Sales: See how well your online ads are converting to sales.
  • Accept Payments: Use Stripe to handle payments easily.
  • Access Business Intelligence: View reports to understand your business better and fuel growth.
MLM CRM System
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We offer easy-to-follow guides to help you make the most of Pamtree. If you'd rather talk to a real person, our online chat is just a click away.

For larger teams of 100 or more, we offer a free initial call to set up a tailored plan just for you. We'll help you get Pamtree up and running for your team, and our marketing expert will even help you create custom sales pages and message templates. That way, your team can start strong right from the get-go!

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Pamtree is designed and built by ex-network marketers and had input from more than 400 business owners from over 50 different MLM companies. Pamtree is a platform and MLM app designed specifically for the network marketing industry and we have teamed up with expert digital marketers to create an app with a range of features designed to help each MLM business owner grow bigger, faster.

We offer a free online workshop for teams where we work with teams on an individual basis to ensure Pamtree is set up effectively for you and your teams, so you can use you proven processes and roll them out through this technology platform.

There are no restrictions to any of the features in the Standard subscription. The Business and Professional subscriptions offer extended features and functionality that will further benefit network marketing professionals.

Yes, you and your team can all use Pamtree for free, with our Standard subscription. However, we recommend the Business or Professional subscriptions for teams as they offer additional features specifically for teams, to help make them more efficient and grow faster together.

Yes, you can export your data at any time from within Pamtree.

Yes, your data is secure with Pamtree. Our database is hosted securely in the UK by a reliable cloud service provider to enhance data protection and business continuity.

We comply with the data protection laws, under GDPR, to ensure that all the data held by Pamtree is protected. Pamtree does not store any of our customers' payment card details.

We offer online chat support as well as email and phone support, and we will run regular webinar trainings to help you and your team make the most out of the MLM business app.

Yes, we don't tie any users in. We offer 3 subscriptions, including the Standard subscription, which is completely free to use, so if you find you are not using the Business or Professional features, then you can downgrade to the Standard subscription and use the MLM app for free. Alternatively, you can deactivate your account altogether should you wish to.

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